Sunday, August 9, 2020 / Week 32

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August international blueberry month: professional business and technical talks

Blueberries Consulting and Agricultural Seminars invites you to participate August International Blueberry Month: Professional commercial and technical talks, Every Tuesday and Thursday ...

Block agriculture protected in blueberries

In this block of protected agriculture in blueberries, various information and tests available for the choice of types of toppings in the ...

Biostimulation block and growth regulators in blueberries

The block of biostimulation and growth regulators in blueberries includes presentations on the use of biostimulants and soil-plant system enhancers in the ...

Hydroponic production block in blueberries

The talk by Mrs. María del Carmen Salas includes an introduction on the fundamentals of nutrition, and then analyzes the relationship between ...
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