11 of April: all ready for the XIV international seminar "Blueberries Chile 2019"

The meeting will take place at the 11 in April from the 7.30 hours at the Hotel Monticello Conference Center, Km. 57, 5 South Route, San Francisco de Mostazal and will focus on analyzing the current situation of the industry, the international markets , the new challenges and technologies of the blueberry sector of our country.

Three international exhibitors, 8 national (3 are INIA specialists), more than 23 confirmed international and national sponsoring companies and an attendance of more than 350 people will be the auspicious setting of this Fourteenth International Seminar "Blueberries Chile 2019".

This seminar will be a meeting point between producers, advisers, exporters, technical teams of agrochemicals, researchers and actors linked to the fruit world to exchange experiences, national and international knowledge associated with the blueberry sector.

The blueberry sector is presented as one of the most important to strengthen national fruit growing in international markets. That is why prominent national and international speakers will address different issues that cover aspects of management that are key to the sustainability of the industry. Production of blueberries under plastic cover, evaluation of the blueberry water condition by thermographic images captured with drone, wood diseases in blueberries, factors of pre-harvest and harvest that affect post-harvest, foliar fertilization and environmental, physiological factors, estimation of requirements of water, use of vegetable biostimulants, nutritional tools to obtain quality blueberries, innovation and digital transformation.

It will be an opportunity to know not only the local experience but also to capture experiences and initiatives developed in other countries, for example, irrigation planning, estimation of water requirements and their relationship with the growth and yield potential of blueberry plants. by David Bryla from Research Horticulturist, US Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Research Service, USA.

Of equal interest will be to know the experience in relation to plant biostimulants, innovation for the sustainable production of crops by Patrick Du Jardin Ing. Agr. Ph.D., Plant Biology Unit Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech University of Liège, France. Foliar fertilization will also be addressed: environmental, physiological and management factors that affect the permanence, penetration and translocation of nutrients by Heiner Goldbach, Ph.D. (Dr.rer.agr.), Professor of Plant Nutrition at INRES, University of Bonn, Germany.

Grecia Navas, Project Manager Mexico and South America of Blueberries, affirmed that "this seminar constitutes an excellent instance to support the blueberry industry since it is a sector that has generated a strong demand in knowledge and validation of technologies that today are key to compete in the demanding markets of the world". We believe, he stressed: "the knowledge and adoption of new technologies plays a fundamental role in maintaining the international position that Chile has had in recent years in the blueberry sector."

When we designed the program, Navas highlights, “we sought to develop in depth relevant content for the industry in order to satisfy the concerns of producers, exporters, receivers, advisors and agricultural entrepreneurs to share knowledge and updated information regarding the cultivation of blueberries together with outstanding international exhibitors and important companies in the industry ”.

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For more information visit the web portal blueberriesconsulting.com or contact Grecia Navas at e-mail contact@blueberrieschile.cl, contact@blueberriesconsulting.com, phones: + 56 229426572 + 56 942412089.

Check video of the event  https://youtu.be/UHT41NZCusQ


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