April 19 in Grand Monticello: A Seminar for the new times ...

The Chilean blueberry industry is one of the pioneers in the world. During his tour he has accumulated abundant knowledge and managed to develop lifelong learning - often based on trial and error - that has allowed him to obtain important achievements in the entire production process and also in the field of international product marketing.

The International Seminars have been one of the most powerful tools to achieve this true globalization of the crop. Chilean researchers and producers have become development factors for industries in different countries and regions. Chilean knowledge and experience has been available for the incorporation of new actors anywhere in the world.

New Times…

But today we are facing a different scenario. Partly because of the development achieved and partly because of the new reality of the world in this century that is beginning.

We are living a more international fruit industry, more global, more technological and every day more automated, more sustainable and with a greater responsibility towards the environment and society. We live in an industry that integrates in leaps and bounds to the electronic world, the green economy and collaborative development practices.

Everything changes…

Not only the industry has changed along with society and the rapid advance of new technologies. The actors have also changed. The producers and technicians are more informed every day, endowed with a greater scientific and technological knowledge of their productive processes. They have a more complete and professional view of the industry. The new and old players in the industry also have more management of the functioning of markets and electronic commerce.

Technology and knowledge are the great elements that have revolutionized the fruit industry and we take charge. The new International Seminars that we offer at 2018 contemplate this reality and will be included in the program to develop the 19 of April in Chile.

INIA as sponsor of the meeting

The International Seminar that we will carry out in Monticello, will also have as main objective the best use of the abundant knowledge in all the disciplines incorporated in the program, which will be taught by INIA experts and by international specialists. In this perspective, our seminars have incorporated a round table modality, allowing all attendees to be spectators of debate and conversation among experts in front of a contingent topic of the blueberry industry.

Everyone is invited to participate in this great meeting, to reserve their space in advance so as not to miss the opportunity to ask questions and share with the researchers and experts of the X Blueberry Seminar in Chile.

Chile produces blueberries in different climates and soils. Outdoors and under cover. In soil and pots. In hot and cold areas. With abundant water and absolute lack of water. In a conventional or organic way, and above all, in Chile blueberries are grown in dozens of varieties. Therefore, the knowledge, experience and conversation of INIA researchers and international specialists with the attendees is of great value for any producer in the world.

We are waiting for you to continue growing, because the 19 Seminar of April in Monticello is designed for the new times we all face.

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Source: Blueberries Consulting

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