19 in April at Hotel Monticello Conference Center: Expert in fertigation and nutrition management Juan Hirzel will discuss factors to consider in order to obtain quality fruit

The agronomist will be present at the International Seminar of Blueberries Chile 2018 to give his vision regarding what to consider in the elaboration of nutritional programs.

Important speakers will take place in this event that will have as objective for the public to take advantage of the knowledge of prominent exhibitors and put it into practice in their different activities. The renowned researcher, consultant and national professor Juan Hirzel will present the 19 from April to the 11: 15 hrs. at the Hotel Monticello Conference Center on practical cases to obtain quality blueberries in different areas of the country.

Hirzel, Agronomist from the University of Talca, Master of Science in Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition from the University of Concepción, and Doctor of Science in Agro-Environmental Technology from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, will be part of this Conference, in which Attendees will have the opportunity to ask and share with the various experts that will be presented.

The expert in fertigation and nutrition management and author of various books, such as "Nutritional Diagnosis and principles of fertilization in fruit and vines" of the INIA, will be able to present on this occasion his vision regarding proper nutritional management to achieve quality fruit .

The agronomist is a collaborating member of the National Program for the Improvement of Wheat and the National Program for the Improvement of Grain Legumes, both of INIA, in Chile. Along with this, he has collaborated in research projects to develop methodologies for sectorized management of orchards and application of multispectral image analysis techniques to optimize crops, among others, given his specialty in Soil Fertility.

From his experience, he will address the theme of “Factors to consider in the elaboration of nutritional programs to obtain quality fruit. Case studies in South, Central - South and North Central areas of Chile. ”

Among the latest projects in which he has worked, is the "Plant Breeding of Murtilla" in Temuco, "Optimization of the agronomic management of strawberry cultivation, with emphasis on water scarcity and fertilization, for small farmers in the Magallanes region "," Transfer improvement of the cultivation of Strawberries ", Cauquenas and" Development of fertilizers of last generation ".

Therefore, all these relevant issues and many more will be exposed in this "Seminar for the new times" next April 19, a great opportunity to understand the new challenges and expand business opportunities.

Source: Fernando Muñoz - Blueberries Consulting

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