31% shipments of Chilean blueberries to Asia grow this season

According to the Crop Report of the Blueberry Committee of Chile of Asoex, prepared by Iqonsulting, week 02 10.158 tons were dispatched, reaching a total cumulative volume of 66.742 tons, practically the same as in 2018/19 at the same week.

However, despite the similarity in volume at this stage of the season, differences in harvest dynamics have been observed. On the one hand, early and mid-season varieties began their season earlier and reached volume peaks earlier than the previous year, and although in some cases this resulted in lower volume due to shorter crops and lighter fruits This has been offset by the increase in the volumes of later varieties of the central zone and the increase in surface area of ​​the southern zone, which explain part of the volume recorded during week 02.

On the other hand, and as already mentioned, the growth in surface has been concentrated in the south-central and southern zones and therefore, there are higher volumes expected for this season in this zone. If the weather continues to be favorable, this increase, with renewed varieties, should be 5.000 tons more than last season, reaching the 115.000 tons projected for this season.

In relation to the destination markets, North America has received 48% of the volumes to date and has experienced a 7% drop. Europe has received 33% of shipments, with a growth of 3% and the Far East has received 18% of volumes with a growth of 31%.

Meanwhile, shipments of organic blueberries continue with the upward trend. During week 02, 1.457 tons were exported, accumulating to date 7.589 tons, 37% more than the previous season. North America continues to be the main destination with 73% of shipments, while Europe is second in importance, with 21% participation.


North Zone.The season is over.

Central Zone.The season is over, with very limited crops in the OHiggins region.

Central-South Zone.The harvest peak has already passed in this area, although it continues with high volumes concentrated in varieties such as Legacy, which has already passed the peak of volumes while Brigitta is at peak and Brigthwell is increasing.

South Zone.Duke is still in harvest although with decreasing volumes. Legacy, which is increasing harvest volumes, and Brigitta, which is leaving, take more relevance.

Cranberry Committee of Chile

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