Despite a complex year, a meeting of the berry industry takes place with great optimism in Guadalajara

“We have to continue consolidating the sector as a global benchmark for best practices in sustainability”

In a year that has not yet been fully evaluated in terms of the intensity of its challenges and with an uncertain season, which is projected to decline, the Mexican blueberry industry has gathered at the XXXI International Blueberries Seminar in Guadalajara this June 5 and 6, to analyze the real state of the industry and design the best development strategies to face the near future, which everyone agrees will be one of multiple opportunities, based on the fact that the demand for blueberry consumption continues to grow in the markets.

“Certainly, it has been a complex year for the Mexican blueberry industry and for the entire market,” he began by saying. Jorge Esquivel in his opening words, adding: “We are aware that there are many doubts about the future of the industry, the commercial opportunities and the profitability of the sector associated with the choice of the appropriate genetics”, clarifying that these meetings are precisely to analyze the problems and find the solutions. “To face these challenges and maintain competitiveness, we must plan better, adjust our costs, improve our management, optimize human and technical resources, and continuously train ourselves to design new strategies,” added the director of Bueberries Consulting.

Jorge Esquivel-Eng. Agr. MS. Director of Blueberries Consulting


On the first day of the Guadalajara meeting there were many outstanding moments. It was a complete program, which strongly covered the commercial aspect and market opportunities, without leaving behind the agronomic aspects of the crops and their most appropriate management, especially in the nutritional, health and yield facets.

It is worth highlighting the presentation of the director of Aneberries, Juan Jose Flores, who gave a detailed report on the Mexican berry industry in his talk: "Analysis of the 2023/2024 season: results and projections”, recounting in detail the external challenges that the industry has had to face in terms of climate, the increase in the cost of inputs or low prices, but also calling the attention of Mexican producers and businessmen regarding their responsibility towards the industry, to strive to produce quality and healthy fruit.

Juan Jose Flores – Director of Aneberries

“Speaking of an analysis of the 2023/2024 season, I think we are all still wondering what happened,” the renowned Mexican leader began by saying, referring to the surprise of this decline, in a reality that has been on the rise for all of the last few years. years, both in planted area and in volumes produced, export figures and values ​​or returns achieved.

“We have to ensure that Mexican berries are recognized for their high standards of quality and food safety.” “We have to take care of consumers and place our fruit as their favorite.” “We have to continue consolidating the sector as a global benchmark for best practices in sustainability.” “We have to understand that in the minds of consumers or buyers we are not alone,” were some of his calls to the industry, inviting them to also promote the domestic market as a strategic alternative for growth.

Mexico will continue to grow

In conclusion, also considering the following interesting presentations, the commercial manager of Fall Creek, Ricardo Márquez, made a detailed report with the latest industry data, not only in volumes, varieties or yields, but also in surfaces, genetics and above all regarding the behavior of the markets, in his talk: "Update on the blueberry market in Mexico: production, marketing and genetics”, the Mexican industry this season will not reach the 80 thousand tons of the previous season, but it will quickly resume its growth due to the large presence of new varieties, which already reaches 74% of its total surface area, so, although It is true that there will not be so much growth in new projects, there will be a noticeable increase in yields, due to the new genetics incorporated.

The program also addressed the opportunities and best financing alternatives for new berry projects and a tour of the varied genetic offer existing on the market, analyzing the best qualities of the new varieties. The meeting will continue on its second day with a marked emphasis on the technical and agronomic aspects of crops, where the speakers will show their research and best practices to achieve high yields and good quality of fruit.

Ricardo Márquez – Commercial Manager Fallcreek Mexico

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