A&B and WECO, manufacturers of machinery for blueberries, reach the Spanish market

Two companies of US origin, world leaders in the manufacture of equipment for the blueberry sector and with presence in Europe, reach the Spanish market to offer its line of specialized machinery.

A&B Packing Equipment, based in Michigan and manufacturer of the Evolution packing machine, is a company that has more than 1.000 clients around the world and specializes in the development of equipment to automate the industrial processes of blueberry producing companies.

WECO Woodside Electronics Corporation, based in California, develops and manufactures high-tech electronic classifiers using optical sensors to more effectively select blueberries for sale. Its line includes two sorters that work independently: La Impulse Soft, whose main function is to detect and separate the extra-ripe and / or soft blueberries and La BerryTek, with 8 cameras, unique in the market, to visualize and classify the fruit by color and defect, discarding those blue and green blueberries of characteristic blue.


Source: Valenciafruits.com

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