"We will open headquarters in Peru and with this we give an endorsement to the Peruvian fruit industry"

The director and owner of the Canadian giant California Giant, Patrick Riordan, was in Lima attending the 5 International Seminar, "Peru and the cranberry industry: Towards technical, productive and commercial consolidation" held last August's 4 at the JW Marriott

We talked with him about his attendance at the Seminar and the California Giant plans for Peru.

- Is your visit to the Lima Seminar part of new Cal Giant plans for Peru?

- Yes, of course, I have come gladly because the Peruvian fruit industry is increasingly developed and it is always a pleasure to come here. In addition, the seminar has been very interesting ...

- Can your trip mean opening a Cal Giant headquarters in Peru?

- Yes, indeed, we have made the decision to open a headquarters in Peru to capture the abundant Peruvian fruit. We will open headquarters in Peru and with this we give support to the Peruvian fruit industry, because it has had a great development in recent years and has great potential to continue growing.

The company California Giant is one of the largest fruit exporters and recipients in the world, and currently has offices in Florida, California, Oregon, Mexico and Chile for South America, so far, because with the opening of a headquarters in Peru the focus for the region can vary, and move partially or totally to the banks of the Rimac.

Source: Blueberrieschile.cl - Blueberriesconsulting.com

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