“Currently, this is a favorable time for Qingdao blueberries to go on the market”

In China's blueberry market in June, when the blueberry production season in Yunnan and Dalian came to an end, blueberries in Qingdao took over and entered the peak period. Greenhouse blueberries are currently the mainstay, with open field blueberries becoming available at the end of June.

“Qingdao's blueberry production season is from March to June, but late May to early June is the core period. It has advantages in terms of performance and price, and it is staggered with the production seasons of other production areas.”

Blueberries are one of the main products in the Shandong Qingdao Zhenpin fresh fruit supply chain. Mr. Liu Wei from the company introduced the situation. “Qingdao's blueberry production has increased this year and the quality is stable. Now is the peak period for greenhouse blueberries, and most are large, high-quality fruit. In terms of price, the wholesale price for mid to high-quality fruits is around 60-100 yen/kg, which is similar to the same period in the past. more or less stable. Prices and sales are relatively stable this season."

“One of the advantages of the Shandong production area is that there are many varieties. In the last two years, the cranberry on the vine that has come on the market can only be harvested on the vine because the cranberries on the same vine ripen at the same time.” time. Due to this suitable variety, Shandong production area produces more than other production areas. In addition, the “Legacy” variety developed locally in recent years has the characteristics of storage resistance, transport resistance and a good proportion of sweet and sour taste. . “

Regarding the market, Liu spoke about a significant change this year: “After the pandemic, with the flow of traffic, many wholesalers who were originally in the middle link went directly to the blueberry production areas to buy, making the link intermediate from the production area to the terminal less and less. Intermediate wholesalers' profits and sales have been compressed, and prices still need to be considered. The consumer power of the current market is already weak, and this change has made it more difficult for us to do business.”

To meet the challenges, Liu's strategy is to develop basic products in which he has advantages and offer community group purchasing in addition to wholesale. “The space on the wholesale side is compressed and the consumer side needs to be developed properly. The community group model is stable and can be scaled up. I am optimistic about this business and will do my best to meet the demand.”

Shandong Qingdao Zhenpin Fresh Fruit Supply Chain deals in all kinds of fruits with Shandong characteristics, including Aomori apples, Qingdao blueberries, and cherries. The cranberries that are sold are available in different forms of packaging, such as small glasses and small plastic boxes. The company has its own cold storage and processing plant, and its own brand name is “Guohongyan”. Sales channels include wholesale markets, community group purchasing, and e-commerce. Supermarket channels will be added this year.


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