Agriculture and Technology Summit 2020

It's about the experience.

Attending the AgriTech series of events in person provides a shocking experience that cannot be achieved by reading articles or watching a video about the agricultural industry. How many times do we think we are going to read that article, but we will never address it?

These are all the key leaders and experts in the market

Summit brings together more than 30 speakers, opinion leaders and experts who will share the latest trends and solutions. It is not usual to find so many key experts together discussing the challenges in the agricultural market, except at the Summit.

It’s the right place

AgriTech Summit & Exhibition creates an environment for innovation of thought and innovation of action. Everyone here is focused on the best ways to provide effective solutions and amazing customer experiences that build loyalty and transparency.

It's about the real world experience.

Keynote speakers from the best brands around the world will share their strategies and success stories regarding project management, finance, operation and technological impact. You will get many practical items to take to the office.

It's about the network

Talk to other managers and C-level executives who are experiencing the same challenges as you. Find out what really works and update your skills.

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