Peruvian agricultural exports total US$ 5.714 million in the first eight months of 2023

The main products in the agro-export ranking from January to August of this year were: avocados with US$ 927 million (18% share), followed by fresh grapes with US$ 659 million (12%) and fresh cranberries with US $344 million (6,5%).

Peru's agro-exports reached US$5.714 million in the January-August period of this year, driven by higher shipments of fruit, despite the climatic impact of the El Niño Phenomenon, highlighted today the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri). ).

The main products in the agro-export ranking from January to August of this year were: avocados with US$ 927 million (18% share), followed by fresh grapes with US$ 659 million (12%), fresh cranberries with US $344 million (6,5%), fresh or chilled asparagus US$212 million (4%) and fresh mangoes US$207 million (3,9%).

Also highlighted are the largest placements of animal foods that totaled US$ 170 million (3,2%), other citrus fruits with US$ 135 million (2,5%), other cocoa beans for US$ 124 million (2,3, 106%), frozen mango with US$ 2 million (92%), paprika with US$ 1,7 million (XNUMX%).

These 10 products together would concentrate 56% of the non-traditional exportable supply.

On the other hand, Midagri indicated that the products with the greatest contribution to the growth of exports in the aforementioned period (January-August 2023) were avocados, which increased 14%, followed by fresh grapes (12%), other cocoa beans. (36%), lemon essential oils (100%), uncrushed or powdered ginger (69%), paprika (37%), cochineal carmine (99%), chocolates and their preparations in blocks (722%), others flour food preparations (40%), animal foods (5,9%), among the main ones.


On the other hand, the ten main destination countries for Peruvian agricultural exports were: United States, Holland, United States, Holland, Spain, Ecuador, Chile, China, England, Mexico, Colombia, Germany.

This group of countries concentrated 78% of the total FOB value exported in the study period.

In addition, Midagri indicated that in the January-August period of this year, the agricultural trade balance registered a surplus of US$ 1.440 million, a figure greater by 2,7% compared to the amount registered in the same period last year.


Regarding the behavior of agro-exports by region, Midagri highlighted that the Peruvian mountains recorded growth in the departments of Apurímac (78%), highlighting the higher sales of avocados, the other kiwicha, potatoes, although these are cooked in water or steam, frozen; Huancavelica (311%) highlighting products such as avocados, beans, other dried mushrooms and truffles.

In the jungle, there was an increase in agro-exports from San Martín (8,5%), highlighting the shipments of cocoa beans, palm oil and its fractions, and unroasted, non-decaffeinated coffee.

And on the coast, the growth of Ancash's agro-exports was recorded (7,2%), with products such as avocados, fresh mangoes, fresh cranberries; Arequipa (2,7%) with products such as artichokes, other fresh fruits, other algae; Ica (4,2%) with fresh grapes, avocados, citrus fruits; Moquegua (7,2%) with products such as fresh cranberries, avocados; Piura (2,2%), with sales of fresh mangoes, fresh grapes, bananas including plantains.

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