Germany: Cranberry imports have tripled since 2014

Big increase despite the growing popularity of local products

The importation of blueberries into the German market has increased enormously in recent years. In 2014, 10.586 tons were imported in total. In 2018, imports amounted to 35.341 tons. This supposes a triplicación of the quota of market, as it demonstrate it a report of the Federal Agency of Agriculture and Feeding.

Due to a trend towards healthier diets, the area of ​​red fruit crops has increased in many countries. Although in the winter months the products come from South America, now it is the turn of Morocco. Through cultivation in several regions of that country, the German market can source Moroccan blueberries from the beginning of February to July.

Import (red) and export (yellow) of blueberries (in tons)

A producer and distributor of berries also reported on the impact of the regionality of this segment: «Blueberry distributors are very governed by the different seasons and Spanish or Moroccan fruits are only available if there are no German products. And only if there are no products from Europe or Morocco, the products are brought from South America.

Demand for blueberries is booming and there is no end in sight to its growth, according to the expert: “Demand this summer was definitely greater than supply, and this is what often happens. "Blueberries are already well known in Germany, but there is still enormous potential to increase their consumption." Consumers have no preference for special varieties, but place great importance on large, sweet fruits.

Import (red) and export (yellow) of blueberries (in millions of euros)

Other distributors are also noticing some long-term developments in the red fruit trade. For example, Mexico is increasing its export volumes to Europe. In the past, Mexican products were shipped almost exclusively to North America. This country could become in due time an interesting alternative for Morocco and Spain, for example, if the harvest in these latter areas of cultivation is insufficient. Another relevant trend in the German retail sector is the great need for larger packaging formats. Until recently, 125 grams packages were the most purchased. Now the packaging of 300 grams are also very popular. All this entails a constant increase in sales.

Current market situation

Since the end of March, Spanish and Portuguese blueberries in trays of 125 and 250 grams have been arriving little by little to the German wholesale markets. These are offered along with Moroccan berries, while South American shipments (from Peru and Chile) are decreasing


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