New varieties of blueberries were presented at Fruit Logística

Fruit Logistica, one of the main fruit and vegetable fairs in the world that took place in Berlin, Germany. It was the place chosen by the company onubafruit who presented his 5 new varieties of blueberries. The company manager, Francisco Sánchez, He told the Almería newspaper that they are varieties that are in full production, with magnificent results, and that they are making known to the world at the most important fruit and vegetable fair. They were Demba, Sana, Selma, Aila and FV1905.

onubafruit It exports its berries to a large part of Europe, with the continental market accounting for practically 99% of its international turnover, while the rest are in Asian countries.

Although the company moves its products mainly by trucks to Europe, the company manager stated that they have not had any problems due to the protests of French farmers. “I think we share the position of French farmers, although with one difference: we support the European Union and consider all farmers equal.

"The products that come from abroad have, at least, the same conditions that we have here now, because we cannot allow South American countries, southern African countries or Morocco to have a crop with different conditions and many fewer restrictions and we remain silent," the executive detailed.

Regarding the development of the current campaign, Sánchez said it is at the expense of rain and regrets that "the governments do nothing, because in Huelva we have been without water infrastructure for many years, such as desalination plants and the water going to the sea."

Rising price

onubafruit produces about 25 million kilos of strawberries, another 25 of blueberries and about 8 million kg of raspberry. In addition, they also produce citrus fruits and some other products. “The prices this year are good, because there is little product and a lot of demand.

The Onubafruit stand at Fruit Logistica. Credits: Xavier Alonso

Production is falling and will fall more due to existing restrictions, for example, for the use of chemicals to disinfect the land or treat some fruit diseases,” commented the executive.

onubafruit is the first company in the world to market berries without nitrate contamination through its partners at SCA Costa Huelva thanks to technology for monitoring and controlling the efficiency of irrigation and nitrogen fertilizers in the subsoil.

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