Germany: The area under cultivation of "berries" continues to increase

The red fruits or berries are increasingly consumed in Germany and producers do what they can to meet the growing demand. These fruits have been for years between varieties of fruit with a growing area, according to the German AMI (Agricultural Market Information Office) on its website.

Last year the berries were grown on a surface of 7.716 hectares in the German country, an area one 6% larger than that of 2013. Cranberries are undoubtedly the berry with the highest growth and has increased even more in 2014, with a growth of 6% compared to 2013. The potential for blueberry production will increase, therefore, over the next few years. After blueberries, blackberries were the most cultivated berry last year. Its cultivation area increased by 4%. On the other hand, the growing area of ​​gooseberries and whitecurrants has stagnated, but that of raspberries has increased. The gooseberry and the blackberry are the red fruits with the least cultivated area in Germany, but their cultivation area has also increased.



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