General Appreciation: Due to the entry of a mass of air of cold origin and the condition of clear sky, which favors the radiative cooling, for early morning on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 morning frosts are expected between the Regions of Coquimbo and Biobío.


Agrometeorological Commentary:

Considering the time of the year, in which many stone fruit trees located especially in the central zone are in full reproductive stage and consequently, they have great sensitivity to the cold, it is convenient that fruit farmers especially affected, adopt the appropriate measures of prevention and control of frost . It should be noted that, depending on the phenological state in which these species are found, the critical ranges of frost start from -0.5 ° C. Other fruit species potentially sensitive to the cold are citrus fruits and avocados. Regarding this condition, farmers must also consider the mitigation of damages in apiaries, nurseries and greenhouses that do not have heating. Finally, it should be taken into account that the ranges indicated in this Alert are, on average, two to three degrees more intense at the level of soil surface, affecting in particular some vegetables and flowers.


Source: Chilean Meteorological Office



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