Ancash: blueberry production would increase by 20% this year

Senasa points out that higher production is due to the increase in cultivated hectares in the provinces of Santa, Huarmey and Huaylas

El National Service of Agrarian Health (Senasa) announced that due to the growth of cultivated hectares in the provinces of Santa, Huarmey and Huaylas the production of blueberries in the Ancash region will have a increase of 20% during this season, exceeding the 5000 tons exported last year.

Senasa's projection is based on the growth of the extensions of this crop, which is known for the post-entry quarantine monitoring that is carried out when importing planting material from other countries.

For this campaign it has increased 30 hectares of crops in production, located in the province of Huaylas.

In the Áncash region there are six processing plants located on the coast and mountains. The main exporting companies are Intipa Foods SAC, Green Vegetables & Flowers SAC, Exportadora Frutícola del Sur SA, Agrícola La Venta, O-Blue Berry EIRL, Agrofutura Company SAC and MV Berries SAC, which register shipments to 24 countries such as Spain, France, England, Holland, United States, China, Germany, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, among others.


El cold treatment is a measure required by importing countries such as China and United States for the agro-export of blueberries, in order to ensure its phytosanitary status and avoid the entry of quarantine pests to importing countries.

This treatment can be carried out for shipments by air and sea; in the case of air shipments they are made during 15 days at origin, at a temperature of 1,11 ° C; while in the case of maritime shipments, it is carried out in transit, for 22 days at a temperature of 2 ° C.

Senasa's work begins with quarantine treatment, periodic inspections, lifting of quarantine, certification of places of production, certification of processing plants, phytosanitary inspection and cold treatment, depending on the country of destination.

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