Anticipate strong term for blueberries in British Columbia

After a season marked by heat, dry weather and an anticipated start to the season, the 2015 blueberry season from British Columbia (Canada) is coming to an end on a high note.


The British Columbia Blueberry Council detailed that the volumes of 2015 will be on par with those of last year, that is, more than 68 million kilograms.

"As our 800 growers faced climatic challenges this season, we remain confident that British Columbia remains a strong producer of highbush blueberries.”Said Debbie Etsell, Executive Director of the British Columbia Blueberry Council.

"We are waiting for a steady supply until the beginning of September", Explained the representative of the industry, who added that"The warm weather we have experienced this season has resulted in our late harvest variety, Elliot, producing some of the sweetest fruits"He added.

It should be noted that the Canadian blueberry industry has lately worked to expand its marketing efforts abroad and create new demand for the province's exports.

Thus, in addition to the visit of Chinese and Korean inspectors, in June this year the Canadian and Chinese authorities signed a trade agreement for access to the Chinese market for fresh blueberries from British Columbia.

The foregoing, said the entity, comes at a time when the demand for fresh blueberries from Canada in China is very high due to the health benefits and quality of the product.


Source: Fruit Portal


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