Announced the company's regional director for South America, Ricardo Polis: Fall Creek will export blueberry plants from Peru

The markets he plans to reach with plants produced in Peru are Ecuador, Colombia and China.

The US company that develops genetic material in blueberries, Fall Creek, with eight years in the local market, plans to start exporting blueberry plants from Peru between 2021 and 2022.

And the markets it plans to reach are Ecuador, Colombia and China, said the company's regional director for South America, Ricardo Polis.

“Peru has become the first blueberry exporter in the world and is an important player for the industry. Blueberries are fruits that are being demanded more and more in the world, therefore, there is greater demand for production and international companies require more plants, "he said.

The company's goal in the next five years is to export 50% of the installed capacity to the foreign market, he noted.


Ricardo Polis also indicated that they will move their current in vitro plant preparation laboratory located in La Molina to another district of Lima, seeking to expand their production capacity.

They also have a nursery in Quilmañna (Cañete) that currently supplies the national market.

He stressed that the country has the potential to become a major exporter of blueberry plants and other products. One of the main competitors in the Peruvian market for the marketing of blueberry plants is Chile.


75% of global blueberry consumption is in North America, primarily in the United States and Canada markets, Ricardo Polis said.


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