Cranberry would be the third most exported fruit in the 2017

Blueberries could become the 2017 in the third most exported fruit, said Sierra Exportadora chief executive Alfonso Velásquez during the inauguration of the «International Berry Seminar – Regions 2016», held last Friday in Arequipa.

He indicated that this would be achieved if investments are maintained and its productive chain continues to be strengthened in which small producers play a very important role.

He estimated that this year blueberry exports would close at US $ 200 million and 2017 at US $ 350 million, surpassing mangoes and bananas. "The blueberry production chain would generate around 200 a thousand jobs this year, which includes field, harvest, packing, technical and professional staff", he stressed.

Cranberries currently occupy the fifth place in the ranking of exported fruits, after grapes, avocados, mangoes and bananas, however, in recent years it grew at an amazing rate, going from just US $ 32.416 in the 2010 to US $ 96.6 million last year.

Its growth in 2015 was 219% compared to 2014, due to its demand in countries such as the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Spain and Singapore, mainly. Those who joined the 2015 were Canada, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Denmark.

Velasquez said that the first region of the country where the berries were introduced was Arequipa, which currently has about 138 hectares planted, mainly strawberry, followed by aguaymanto, blueberry and raspberry, but with due technical and financial support, it can quadruple that area in the medium term, adding products like cherry and blackberry.

To do this, all members of the production chain must continue to be trained on issues such as the production process, business intelligence to identify more buyers and facilitate access to financing. “Sierra Exportadora trains in harvest and post harvest, implements and executes business plans, trains and advises in the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices”He said.

He said that the cultivation of organic berries is also promoted, the supply of producers is linked to the most suitable markets that favor them and support is provided for the presentation of projects to access financing.

Arequipa exporter

In the 2015 Arequipa it was the seventh blueberry export region, preceded by La Libertad which is the most important, Ancash, Lima, Ica, Piura and Cajamarca. In the case of aguaymanto it was also the seventh exporting region, after Lima, La Libertad, Lambayeque, Cusco, Cajamarca and Junín.

“Berries represent an opportunity that must be seized, there is an unsatisfied demand, especially abroad. It is time that small producers gain a greater prominence and gradually become part of the export chain ”, Velasquez said.


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