Blueberries: Challenges of cultivation and identification of critical points to compete in the markets

The Round Table debate will delve into the issues that most interest Moroccan producers and businessmen.

Everything is ready for this 13 and September 14 the XXVIII International Blueberry Seminar in the dependencies of the Hotel Les Dunes d'Or Center De Congrès..

The meeting will be a support instance for the Moroccan industry in decision-making regarding new management systems; better strategies for sending fruit to the markets; more information for the decision of new investments; and greater knowledge of the various varietal change alternatives, among many other advantages.


In a context in which the international industry seeks to increase the global demand for blueberries and double production to reach 4 million tons, seeking to turn blueberries into the favorite fruit of consumers, a large number of specialists from different nationalities will attend to participate with their knowledge in the program of the meeting, among which stand out the doctors Jorge Retamales and Bruno Defilippi, perhaps the most complete researchers and specialists in the various facets of blueberry cultivation subjected to different edaphoclimatic conditions.

Round table

These two specialists, together with Jorge Esquivel, director of Blueberries Consulting, and Amine Benanni, President of the Moroccan Association of Producers of Red Fruits (AMPFR), will be the participants of a Round Table that will close the first day of the meeting, in which the different factors related to the "Crop challenges and identification of critical points to compete in the markets".

In the discussion of the Round table The issues that most interest Moroccan producers and businessmen will be studied in depth, such as the various aspects related to soilless management systems; the efficacy in the postharvest stage; loss reduction; the increase in profitability; the best strategies for sending fruit to destination; the last generation genetic offer; yield per hectare, among other issues.


Red fruit production in Morocco takes place on an approximate area of ​​13.500 hectares, of which 4.080 ha are devoted to blueberry cultivation, 4.600 ha to raspberries and 3.080 ha to strawberry production, of which 75% are located in the north of the country.

Within this framework, the problems and challenges facing the Moroccan industry are varied and will be diagnosed in the debate, especially the identification and strategies to overcome the main critical points that affect it.

El XVIII International Blueberry Seminar which will be held in the premises of the Hotel Les Dunes d'Or Center De Congrès, Agadir, has the official support of the Moroccan Association of Red Fruit Producers (AMPFR) and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Agadir (CCIS).

The program International Blueberry Seminar September in Agadir it will leave the industry with improved information, because the objective is to collaborate to have a more informed and competitive industry and market.

The next XXVIII International Blueberry Seminar It will be held 13 and September 14 in the halls of Hotel Les Dunes D'or Center De Congrès, in the city of Agadir, Morocco.

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