Peruvian blueberries would enter among the 10 most demanded products by China

Although the Asian country is interested in the fruit, Peruvian exporters are concerned due to the increase in maritime freight, whose prices have increased fivefold, said the Exporters Association.

Peruvian blueberries continue to arouse the interest of Chinese consumers and it is possible that this year they will be positioned among the 10 products most demanded by that country, said the head of Fairs of the Association of Exporters (ADEX), Shirley Pulache García.

In 2020, with shipments to the Asian nation for US $ 73 million and a representation of 0.6% of the total, that berrie ranked 11th, surpassed by copper, iron, fishmeal, zinc, lead, molybdenum and others.

He indicated that the attractiveness of Peruvian blueberries was really visible in the Chinese importers who participated in the business conference held on the B2Perú platform, within the framework of the Virtual Food Expo 2021, which had the support of the Foreign Trade Offices (OCEX) of Peru in Shanghai and Beijing.

"This activity was of great importance because it helped to position and increase our food offer to that destination that, like others, is prioritizing the consumption of fresh products due to the pandemic”, Emphasized Pulache.

The OCEX of Peru in Shanghai and Beijing achieved the participation of eight buyers: Al International, Foshan Delight Wines and Food, Golden Green Health Technology, Huangshan Yahe Import. & Export. Trading, Itaste Food Ningbo, Nanjing Bonagro Trading, Qinguo Import & Export Trading and South American Express China, whose representatives held business meetings with Peruvian companies.

These were Frutinka del Peru, Roots Foods, Pronasel (Selected Nature Products SRL), Peru Origins, Mercado Uno, Solid Food Peru, Shanantina, Perunor SAC, Kiria Foods, Alisur, Central de Cooperativas Agrarias Cafetaleras de los Valles de Sandia ( Cecovasa), Association of Fruit and Avocado Producers of the Limatambo Valley (Aprofrut).

Likewise, the Valle del Inca Agrarian Association of Cusco (Valleinca), Falara Trading, Natur Foods Export, Agro Fergi, Mar Azul Export, Earthfructifera, AAC- Innalsa, Agro Industrias Monpe, Amauta's Business and Peruvian Inka Fruit SAC

According to figures from the ADEX Data Trade Business Intelligence System, food shipments to China between January and September totaled US $ 413 million, experiencing a growth of 107.3%.


In turn, the manager of Agroexports of ADEX, Susana Yturry, said that, although the Asian country is interested in the national supply, Peruvian exporters are concerned due to the increase in maritime freight whose prices have increased fivefold, which, it even discouraged them from participating in the business conference in greater numbers.

"They know the difficulties of meeting the average export times. There are no containers and those that are available require very high freight payments. If this situation continues, the possibility of registering minor shipments abroad opens"He commented.

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