Blueberries and cherries: What is the difference from the appointment of April 13?

The appointment of April 13, in the context of the XXV International Seminar on Blueberries & Cherries, is not only an activity that cannot be missed, but is also irreplaceable in the agenda of activities of the Chilean fruit industry, especially that of the blueberry and now, as a guest crop, cherry.

The agenda of the blueberry and cherry industry is full of attractive activities in the short term and will surely continue for the rest of the year, but the contribution they make to the development of the fruit activity in any of its facets must be highlighted.

This is the case XXV International Seminar on Blueberries & Cherries which will take place on April 13, because it is an activity that for more than a decade has been providing the most relevant knowledge to the different participants in the crops, promoting the permanent professionalization of the activity, informing of new research and related products, permanently collaborating to increase demand and boosting the commercial result of the fruit in the international market.

Make the industry transparent

The appointment of April 13 stands out for addressing in its program the most important aspects related to crops and their commercialization, placing an emphasis on making the industry transparent as a sustainable business and making a complete analysis of the economic profitability of the activity. It will be a very important exercise for producers and agricultural entrepreneurs who attend the meeting and a great contribution to plan future activities related to the export industry in a more complete and viable way.

journey and arrival

The quality of the fruit and its arrival in good condition to distant markets is a vital factor for the export fruit industry. The good arrival at destination and its distribution to the final consumer is a strategic objective for producers and exporters.

In the appointment of April 13, it is scheduled to address the selection, packaging, land and sea transportation, travel conditions of the fruit and distribution of the product to the final consumer, in the talks:

“Cherry postharvest: experience of the 2022 / 23 season”; "All or nothing: optimizing postharvest for quality fruit"; "Managements to consider to ensure a good arrival in the destination markets"; "Innovations in post-harvest technologies for cherries destined for distant markets"; and “Arrivals of Chilean fruit to international markets: Main problems of the last season”.


Varietal offer

In the same objective of increasing the competitiveness of the Chilean industry, a plant genetics is sought that offers good conditions for the arrival of the fruit in the most distant markets. With these new varieties of blueberries and cherry trees, a greater competitiveness of the activity is sought, a greater caliber of the product, more precocity, resistance of the plant to pests and diseases, a better flavor of the fruit and greater firmness.

On this topic, different speakers will present on "New varietal alternatives for Chile" and "New varieties of cherry trees for early and late production."

The bells

Complementing the program of the meeting on April 13, initially there will be a detailed analysis of the industry and the market for each crop, both in the conference room dedicated to blueberries and in the one for cherries, evaluating past seasons and projecting new campaigns as accurately and efficiently as possible.

In the extensive program, which will be carried out by twenty national and international rapporteurs, the various agronomic managements will be discussed, both in nutrition, irrigation, pollination, harvesting, logistics and everything related to crops. Aspects related to the use of new technologies for greater control, precision and performance of the activity, among many other topics, will also be discussed.

In summary, the appointment of April 13, in the context of the XXV International Seminar on Blueberries & Cherries, is not only an activity that cannot be missed, but it is unmistakable and irreplaceable in the agenda of activities of the fruit industry Chilean, especially blueberry and cherry.

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