Blueberries and Chilean avocados may enter the Indian market under advantageous conditions

In the framework of a public-private visit, headed by Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Claudio Ternicier to India, the National Authority and the Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture of India, Ashwani Kumar, signed an agreement that establishes positive terms to finalize the Export of blueberries and fresh avocados from Chile to India.

Along with the Undersecretary, the Chilean delegation was also made up of the head of the SAG's International Affairs Division, Verónica Echávarri; the General Manager of the Association of Fruit Exporters of Chile (ASOEX), Miguel Canala-Echeverría; the Head of the Division of Agricultural and Forestry Protection of SAG, Rodrigo Astete; the Ambassador of Chile in India, Andrés Barbé; and the Agricultural Attaché of Chile in that country, Jaime González.

"This agreement was possible thanks to joint public-private work and lasted for a long period, in which long negotiations and visits were held between the representatives of both countries. With the agreement is considered the certification through Phytosanitary Inspection of pests of interest of India for blueberries, as well as the certification of fresh avocados from Chile to India through Systems Approach. Meanwhile, exports are expected to start from next season"Said Sub-Secretary Ternicier.

Meanwhile, the Ambassador of Chile in India, Andrés Barbe stressed that "Currently India receives imports of avocados from New Zealand, and blueberries from the United States and Canada, since these are not produced locally, there being enormous commercial possibilities for both Chilean products, especially at the level of hotels and stores that sell fruits. This agreement will allow us to diversify our exports and add avocados and blueberries to exports of apples, grapes, kiwis, pears and cherries, thus increasing our presence in India".

For his part, and on behalf of the private sector, Miguel Canala-Echeverría commented that "the agreement signed in Delhi, is an excellent news for the fruit industry as it will allow us, starting next season, to start exports of blueberries and avocados, after more than 10 years of complex negotiations".

The representative of ASOEX, also thanked the efforts made by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) and the presence of the Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, "which reflects the relevance that this matter represents for our authorities"He said.

During the public-private visit, and in the eagerness to achieve access improvements to other Chilean products, the Chilean delegation raised other alternatives to the fumigation with Methyl Bromide that currently must be made to nuts, also established a deadline for the analysis access of dehydrated plums from Chile without fumigation.

It should be noted that during the meeting the representatives of the government of India, requested the speed in the opening of products of interest, such as mangoes and pomegranates.


During the 2015-2016 season, Chile exported more than 35 thousand tons of fresh fruits to India, which represented an increase close to 70% in relation to the 2014-2015 campaign, and which shows the importance that little by little acquires the Indian market for exports of fresh fruits from Chile.

Of the more than 35 thousand tons, the 89,9 corresponded to shipments of red apples, the 9% to kiwis, 0,8% to table grapes, 0,3% fresh plums, 0,1% to cherries and pears, respectively.


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