Argentina: Progress in the development of the arandanero sector

In order to advance in the development of one of the most important sectors of the regional economy such as the production of blueberries in Concordia, Mayor Bordet visited the Apama headquarters, where he was received by its president, Omar Chiarello, together with the board of directors and the partners who met to share the work meeting.

From the exchange, the need arose to continue promoting the growth of the arandanero sector that has shown an exponential development in recent years, becoming one of the most thriving activities in the city and the area.

In this sense, the Mayor acknowledged the weight of the sector in the levels of employability in the city and surrounding areas and committed to collaborate in the resolution of one of the problems that most afflict employers: the job placement of staff and the registration of temporary labor during the harvest, two aspects of great importance when projecting increases in production volumes and hiring local personnel.

For this, Bordet assumed the responsibility of managing an audience with the Minister of Labor of the Nation, Carlos Tomada.

On the other hand, president and producers reviewed the challenges of the sector, highlighting the knowledge and technology incorporated into the activity. "The production of blueberries is one of the sectors that is most concerned about research and development and this is perceived in the growth of the sector", Assured Bordet.

The Intendant also put in the foreground that "nowhere in the province is there as much productive diversity as in our city, with blueberries, citrus, rice, floriculture, horticulture, among others", He enumerated. "This diversity that we have achieved has given us the strength we need to overcome the crisis and be prepared"He assured.

In reference to the production of cranberries punctually, he stressed that "It had a very strong reconversion process, and it is a very important part of the economy of the city, so I also commit to collaborate with the dissemination of the sector through Rural Tourism, an aspect that we are working to develop".

For his part, Chiarello thanked the constant support to the sector and said: "We have seen the growth and the ordered city, that's why we want to continue contributing as entrepreneurs to that growth".

The owner of Apama also valued the intermediation of Bordet before the national government to resolve the outstanding issues and invited him to participate in the next days to be held at the Convention Center next June, where new strategies for the development of consumption will be evaluated. internal of the cranberry.




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