Argentina: Tucumán cranberry wants a definitive opening of China

Doors open for the lemon, the blueberry is behind. According to the head of the Association of Blueberry Producers of Tucumán (Apratuc), Francisco Estrada, the objective is to achieve the "definitive opening" of new markets, especially that of China.
Therefore, the approval of the Chinese phytosanitary protocol is expected, in order to add the place to the export plans. «We have already received representatives to see the production"He commented, and assured that" in 2018 we could make regular exports. "
 "About the export volume, it will depend on the price they pay. If the value is attractive, the shipments will be larger. In terms of logistics, the route is long and complex, so it is not possible to transport all varieties of fruits"He emphasized.
In 2016, production reached about 8.500 tons and was exported around 5.500, according to the camera data. United States represented 74% of shipments; England, an 14%; the 10% the European continent and the 2% to the rest of the world.
"The idea is to try to find definitive openings of new markets to place the fruit, in the face of strong competition from Peru (...) That country has a competitive structure in costs, and that puts pressure on us. The salary implies an 25% of the cost, with reference to the social contributions and salaries, while for us, the 70%"He concluded.
Source: El Tucumano

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