Argentina will export a less 70% of cranberries this week

The blueberry is facing a critical situation in recent weeks, as the oversupply in the markets and the stagnant consumption of this fruit has caused its price to be significantly devalued. These conditions are especially emphasized in the United States, where prices were high at the beginning of the season and, therefore, also in the gondola, and now importers are overloaded with fruit.

a B CFaced with the critical moment that the producers and exporters of the arandanero sector are going through, the Argentinean Blueberry Committee (ABC) made an internal consultation among its most representative partners to know in greater detail the reality and thus be able to inform it. "Everyone agreed that, given the considerable drop in prices, this week air exports will be reduced to 30%, and if the situation does not change, the measure will probably be replicated in the coming weeks", said Carlos Stabile, representative of ABC.

“So much so that in Tucumán, for week 43, of a total of 14 charter flights planned, only 3 will finally take place. In figures, of the 2.700 tons estimated for export this week, only about 700 will be exported. Of the rest of the fruit, the highest quality will be shipped in refrigerated containers destined for different parts of Europe and the United Kingdom, and the rest will be harvested directly for industry”remarked Stabile.


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