Argentina will increase its export of blueberries to the United States

A group of businessmen from the Argentine province of Tucumán participated from October 19 to 20 in an international fruit fair in the city of Orlando, Florida. According to information from specialized media, the meeting came up with the proposal to increase the shipment of fresh blueberries from the South American country to North America.

Representatives of the Institute of Productive Development (IDEP) of Tucumán participated in the day, and stressed that they held various business meetings with representatives of the horticultural industry of the so-called "world power". However, they did not specify the figure in tons of the shipments they will send nor the date of beginning of operations.

From this news, the Argentine Committee of Cranberries (CAA) reported this week that they are preparing the launch of a campaign that aims to encourage internal consumption of blue berry, which corresponded to 2.000 tons of 20.000 produced last season, according to to agency estimates.

This is how, according to the CAA, from the 29 in October and until November's 4 will give impetus to the program "More fruits and vegetables", which will promote the massive consumption of cranberry, which will be projected as a fresh alternative, natural and healthy for daily intake, taking into account their properties.

It was learned that, among the dissemination strategies used by the committee of blueberries from Argentina, the talks in gastronomic establishments, tastings in consumer centers and information material that will be disseminated through the media stand out.

The official numbers suggest that Argentina managed to export 77% of its total production last season. In the meantime, the remaining 23% was destined for local consumption, an increase of 10% in relation to the 2016-2017 season. This country managed to market almost US $ 100 million for the sale of blueberries last year.

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