Argentina: Cranberry producers from Corrientes seek to form Regional Consortium to improve productivity

Cranberry producers in the province of Corrientes seek to form a Regional Consortium for Agricultural Experimentation (CREA), in order to improve the productivity and profitability of the sector, the provincial Ministry of Production reported today.

To this end, producers and technicians from the Ministry of Production met in the town of Tatacuá, where it was agreed to "promote and ensure the proper functioning of the groups with the aim of making the companies economically profitable and sustainable over time."

Sources from the provincial productive portfolio told Télam that "a way is being sought to incorporate technology and improve productivity and profitability."

In addition, it was reported that the correntine production of blueberries, is exported almost entirely and has as its main destinations the United States, countries of the European Union and China.

The production of these fruits takes approximately five years of development in the province and covers an area of ​​more than 200 hectares that are distributed in six departments.

The meeting was held at the Esteros Azules establishment, which has an area of ​​21 hectares in the Concepción department and was attended by blueberry producers from Tatacuá, Derqui, Gobernador Virasoro and Bella Vista.

Among the attendees were the companies: Esteros Azules, La Gloriosa, Fresh Berry, Agroberries and Compañía Industrial Frutihortícola (Cifsa).

Production also reported that various activities were carried out, which included a tour of blueberry plantations and topics of interest were evaluated, such as weed control, hail structure, integrated pest management and varieties.

At the conclusion they agreed on new meetings, the next one in the town of Bella Vista, where they will evaluate the progress for the creation of CREA for the blueberry producers of Corrientes. Regional Consortium of Agricultural Experimentation (Télam)

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