Attendees at the X International Seminar Blueberries Chile 2018 agreed on the importance of the information delivered

The X International Blueberries Chile 2018 Seminar left the 360 people more happy and attended the event organized by Blueberries Consulting and held at the Hotel Monticello Conference Center, according to what they expressed throughout the day.

Both rapporteurs and assistants agreed on the past 19 in April that this instance served to exchange knowledge about the blueberry industry, stay ahead and understand the current challenges of the market, together with expressing their satisfaction with the organization of the Seminar.

Regarding the next occasion to continue understanding the challenges of the market, the next 17 in May will be the XI Blueberries Peru 2018 Seminar, an occasion that will allow us to understand more accurately the situation of this country and Latin America in the global scenario, and will serve as opportunity to understand the role of Chile as a competitor of Peru, in an instance that will surely leave satisfaction among those who attend.

Just about the impressions of those who participated last April's 19 at the Monticello Hotel, California Giant Executive Director Nader Musleh commented that "the organization was very good, it was a pleasure to see plenty of attendees and quality exhibitions. Something very interesting is that people knew different experiences that can easily be put into practice".

Similarly, the Quality Assurance Manager of Driscolls South America, Pablo Kiger, commented that he was "happy to hear such relevant information", along with emphasizing that "Everything that is reported is very practical and applicable to different markets. This Seminar is a luxury".

On the other hand, the International Consultant Bruno Defilippi and who participated in the round table of "Firmness of the fruit, economic importance, factors and management, held that "in our country we have different varieties of blueberries due to the diversity of climates we have, however, it is not a simple fruit to produce. If it were easy, we would not have these seminars and this is why it is good that these initiatives exist".

From the point of view of the first speaker of the day, the Director of Development of International Business of San Lucar, Holger Brandt, the blueberry is one of the fruits with more properties and within the different products that your company works, this berrie has important benefits that each time will give more value to the fruit.

On the side of those attending the event, the vast majority approved with gratitude the topics discussed, which were dictated by specialists in different areas, who allow with this type of initiatives to keep people informed about the advances in research and technological developments in this growing industry.

How to continue to be at the forefront of current industry challenges? The 17 next 2018 in May will be held at the XI Blueberries International Seminar in Lima, Peru, an opportunity that will continue to expand the knowledge and experience in this industry that has more and more things to say.

Source: Blueberries Consulting

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