ASOEX seeks to promote the diversification of Chilean ports for the export of fresh fruits

In order to analyze the feasibility of increasing fresh fruit exports through the Port of Lirquén (DP World Lirquén), ASOEX representatives held a meeting with executives from this port facility. The meeting was attended by Iván Marambio, president of ASOEX, accompanied by Miguel Canala-Echeverría, general manager; Ignacio Caballero, marketing director and Andrés Armstrong, executive director of the Blueberry Committee of Chile-Asoex; who were received by Michael Spoerer, general manager of DP World Lirquén; together with the operations manager, Francisco Verscheure and the commercial manager, Gonzalo León; in addition to Javiera Anwandter, commercial manager of DP World and Matías Laso, commercial and logistics director of DP World Chile.

"It was a very positive meeting, because we were able to see how we can promote a greater shipment of our fresh fruits through the port of Lirquén. The diversification of the ports of departure for our fruits is part of the strategy that we have defined as Asoex in terms of logistics, which is being worked on together with various actors in the logistics chain. Achieving increasingly efficient logistics is one of the challenges we face today as an industry and a country”, commented Iván Marambio, president of Asoex.

He added: "The diversification of ports is key in order to decongest other ports, as well as betting on facilities that are closer to plantations and fruit centers, which will also make it easier for the fruit to leave the country in less time, preserving improves its quality and condition, while favoring savings for producers and exporters, by not having to move the fruit to more distant areas."

For his part, the general manager of ASOEX, Miguel Canala-Echeverría, observed: “Currently, about 108 tons of fresh fruits are shipped through the ports of the Biobío region, which, we believe, can be increased. Therefore, today we toured these port facilities, knowing their capacity and infrastructure to carry out our shipments. The port of Lirquén offers us a very good possibility to continue increasing our exports from the ports of the Biobío region, also at the time in which our exports are developed, this facility has little activity, therefore, our sector can complement your operation. In addition, it has a train system, which is currently used for the export of marine products, also being a plus for the movement of our refrigerated containers”.

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