Asoex presented Minister Walker with his 6 fundamental axes to support the growth of the fruit sector

Basic Qualifying Conditions; Market; Productivity; Legislative Agenda; A Sustainable Fruit Growing with High Technological Levels; and Facilitation of Trade, were the subjects that the Association of Exporters of Fruits of Chile (Asoex), they raised to the Minister of Agriculture, Antonio Walker.

The proposals are contained in Export File Nº14: “Proposals to Advance in a Sustainable Fruit Growing. Public-Private Collaboration Actions”, prepared by the Association, with the perspective of presenting the vision of the sector to face a broad set of challenges and country tasks, motivated by the conviction that it is only possible to address them in a coordinated and joint manner between the sector public and private.

Regarding Basic Enabling Conditions, specific proposals related to fruit crop protection and food safety are addressed. The Mercado axis seeks actions to improve free international trade and greater access to markets, as well as the adjustment of the Silvoagricultural Exports Promotion Fund of the Ministry of Agriculture, administered by ProChile.

In Productivity there are proposals oriented to the training of the people that work in the fruit, as well as to propitiate a fair and adequate treatment, with special attention in the foreign manpower, and to advance in the promulgation of the Statute of the Worker of Season, whose discussion Parliament has already been indicated as urgent by the government.

In the axis A Sustainable Fruit Growing with High Technological Levels, the efficient use of energy and water resources is considered, in addition to the need to develop own varieties of fruits that allow not only to have high quality products, but also an excellent post-harvest and adaptation to the country's growing conditions.

With regard to the Legislative Agenda, the need to adapt the current Water Code to the reality of Chilean agriculture and in the Facilitation of Trade axis, refers to measures to improve the port sector and its logistics, as well as the OAS certification of Customs and Electronics of the SAG.

The Minister of Agriculture, Antonio Walker, indicated that he was very happy with the meeting, "Asoex is thanked to be so proactive in putting on the agenda issues that are very important for this Ministry and the fruit of the country, such as the Water Code, the Statute of the Season Worker, the Training of Workers and the need to regulate and improve the work of migrants, among other issues addressed in our meeting, where we detect many issues that we have to work together"He said.

Ronald Bown, president of Asoex commented about the meeting that was a very positive meeting, which allowed them to present the sector's proposal and talk about the key issues for the growth and development of fruit growing in the country, "because these must be addressed together to really achieve positive results that not only benefit the industry, but the country as a whole", And recalled that the fruit industry every year has a more important role for the national economy, because the sector generates more than 500 thousand direct jobs, plus other hundreds of thousands that are indirectly related to the industry.

At the meeting also, in the perspective of the importance of the country's phytosanitary safeguard, Asoex proposed the creation of an "Information System for the industry", which allows the intelligent management of the information of the national agricultural sector, combining the efforts and information of public and private entities, with the aim of acting in a faster and more coordinated way in the face of climate emergencies, pests or other required matters.

Source: Martín Carrillo O. - Blueberries Consulting

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