Increase the general consumption of berries

The delay begins to stand out in the demand for small fruits, according to a report published by the German research group AMI. As a general trend in the production of berries, trade and consumption continue to increase, strawberry being among the main products sold. AMI suggests that the sale of cranberry, raspberry and blackberry are the products that are growing faster in terms of both production and consumption.

The report indicates that the currant has only shown a slight increase, while the sale of blackberry and wild gooseberry are at the same sales levels. A spokesperson for AMI has stressed that there are several reasons for the increase in production and consumption of berries.

An important part of these fruits are used for processing -mainly for juices, jams and freezing-, although they are mainly used for fresh use.

Health agencies encourage consumers to eat berries, and it has already become an important trend in the United States and the United Kingdom, although it also shows an important trend of representation in the rest of Europe.

It is noteworthy that the intake of berries has been boosted under your type consumption snack, since it can be taken at any time of the day and has no waste whatsoever, which is a plus point for these fruits.


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