Low production of blueberries in Poland, but improves quality

Despite the fact that lower production is expected, Polish blueberry producers have assured that they expect excellent quality this season and a much larger fruit. Agata Małkiewicz, member of the Polish Berry Cooperative, points out that, this year, losses due to spring frosts have been estimated between 10% and 30%.

The main markets of this cooperative are in Europe (United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany), but they are expanding their reach in Asia, serving clients from Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

«This year we are scheduled to ship some shipments to India. We will also participate in the Vietfood and Asia Fruit Logistica fairs, with the intention of entering more markets in the region"Explains Agata.

«Demand is still growing a lot and that's good news, but customer demands are also increasing. Many retailers not only demand GlobalGAP and BRC certifications, but also ethical and corporate social responsibility certifications, which benefits the final consumer, because it reaffirms compliance with quality standards during production. In the Polish Berry Cooperative we try to go one step ahead of the market and we have introduced our own standard '30 minutes', according to which our fruit is precooled in the 30 minutes from the harvest to ensure freshness and flavor. The reception of the standard in the market has been very favorable"Adds Agata.

The company has introduced some sealed tubs in the Polish market this year for its Berry Good premium blueberry line. As part of the plans to continue the expansion in the Asian market, they will also introduce a Berry Good premium line of more than 18mm in Asia.

«We have invested in new packaging equipment and will be able to seal more types of tubs and print the sealing film. We invest a lot every year to make sure we can satisfy the needs of our clients"Ends Agata.

Source: freshplaza

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