Bayer and Hortifrut unite in the handling of phytosanitary products

The German company Bayer signed an agreement with the leading company of blueberries, Hortifrut, which aims to develop a project on the management of phytosanitary products in these berries.

The signing of this alliance was held within the framework of the Fruit Logistica 2019 fair held in Berlin, Germany, where both companies indicated that "Bayer will provide knowledge to Hortifrut on the dissipation curves of plant protection products for blueberries used in the most important production areas in Peru and Chile, as well as training for the team responsible for the application of the products in the field ".

It should be noted that the project will be developed during the 2019-2020 blueberry season.

Gabriel Assandri, Crop Science Division Manager Bayer Chile commented that "multi-waste analysis, the choice of phytosanitary products and field and post-harvest management are steps that must be carried out with maximum safety".

"From the alliance, we will work together with Hortifrut to improve this process, which will be reflected in the quality of food for consumers and in food security," Assandri added.

Meanwhile, Bayer signed two other agreements for the development of the Latin American agricultural industry, one of them being an alliance with the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), which will include access to knowledge, science, technology, innovation and financial resources for the construction of sustainability and food security in the region

On the other hand, Bayer will design an integrated strategy against Greening - also known as Huanglongbing (HLB) - in Argentina, bringing together the five largest citrus companies in the country, such as San Miguel Agrícola, Argenti Lemon, Ledesma Group, Citromax and Citrusvil.


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