Berries enhance the Los Lagos region

To verify in the field the sanitary conditions of the minor fruit trees (berries) that leave from the Region to different markets of the world, the regional director of the SAG, Andrés Duval, visited the processing plant of blueberries, the vegetable garden, the packing and the refrigerator , which the company Hortifrut Chile SA owns in the municipality of Río Negro.

Duval said that according to ProChile reports, emerging items such as berries, in the area, have had a positive impact on the local economy, ranking among the products of the agricultural sector that lead shipments abroad, during the past year.

It should be noted that the Los Lagos Region has five processing plants and exporters of berries, four of blueberries and one of raspberries. All of these are located in the province of Osorno.

"The plantations of blueberries in the region border the 1.110 hectares (Source ODEPA, 2012) figure that places our region within the main ones that are dedicated to the production and marketing of these minor fruit trees", Duval said.

Regarding shipments, the SAG director explained that blueberries are exported fresh to markets such as the United States, Canada and the European Union, as well as to the Asian continent (China and South Korea). While the raspberries are exported frozen and their main destination is Canada. "In these countries the fresh fruit is mainly consumed, although it is also used a lot in pastries, sauces and juices."Said Duval.

The visit of the regional agricultural authority takes place precisely in the high period of export, which began at the end of December of 2014 and that should be extended until the end of March of this year. "At the end of the season, it is estimated that 750 will have shipped 1,000 boxes of blueberries to the United States and close to 350 a thousand boxes to the Asian markets and the European Union.", Duval said.

Work of the SAG

"At the level of export plants, what the SAG does is to verify the fruits comply with the sanitary requirements established by the countries of destination and then, certify the dispatch of the containers", Said Duval.

It should be noted that the shipments of berries abroad are made by boat, leaving mainly from the port of San Antonio, in the Valparaíso Region, and from Coronel, Talcahuano, Biobío Region.

"At the level of the cultivation in orchards, the SAG monitors the plantations during the year with the idea of ​​ruling out the presence of quarantine pests, knowing the production volumes and investigating the treatments that are applied during the cultivation process ", said the Regional Director of SAG.

The establishments that SAG inspectors visit are Hortifrut Río Negro Plant; Natural Choice, a plant located in Corte Alto, Purranque; Sun Belle Berries, Purranque plant; Agrícola Trucao, in Río Negro; Huberry, in Puerto Octay; Sun Breeze Gardens, Rio Negro; and Austral Berries, in São Paulo.



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