BerryWorld Iberia reinforces its role in the group's varietal strategy with its Cartaya R&D center

The CEO of BerryWorld for Iberia, Ivan Leache, acknowledges in statements to, that during the last season the weather «has not made things easy, however we have continued working to offer the best varieties of berries".

Specifically, Leache, in her balance of the 2020 / 2021 campaign, states that “weather conditions and Covid have had an impact on our volumes and we have had to react and find solutions for our customers. As always, in the case of a fresh product such as berries, not all varieties are under our control, so it is key that both the customer and the end consumer understand these limitations. "

I work from the field

To this end, the head of the subsidiary in Iberia adds, “the work that has been carried out from the test field has been very important to improve the management of commercial varieties that are key for the BerryWorld group, while we continue working on the search for new varieties that adapt to the Mediterranean climate and that meet the taste and quality expectations set by the BerryWorld group ».

The R&D center, located in Cartaya, in the province of Huelva, has been in operation since 2018, when the group of companies of British origin decided to continue its journey in the field of varietal improvement in Spain with its own facilities.

Apart from the R&D work, Iván Leache points out that «BerryWorld has a experienced technical team in Iberia, which coordinates with its farmers the different berry productions for the group in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. The pre-harvest and post-harvest technical teams work hand in hand with the farmers to guarantee the best handling of each variety as well as its quality so that the product reaches the final consumer at its optimum moment ”.

Likewise, he stresses, «we have a commercial department that coordinates and distributes the volumes grown in Iberia for the entire group BerryWorld 365 days a year and at the same time directly makes sales within its territorial scope ”.


Among the varieties of the group, which are a global benchmark and on which various trials are carried out, Iván Leache highlights the raspberry BerryWorld Gem®, Also known as Diamond Jubilee® , which was awarded at the beginning of the year with the award Superior Taste Award (Superior Taste Award) by the International Taste Institute based in Brussels.

En blueberry it is worth noting the varieties of Australian programs Mountain Blue Farms (MBO) y Moondarra, to which BerryWorld has exclusive access in Europe and Africa, and which have also received various awards for superior taste in 2018 and 2019.

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