Blueberry Arena has been a good day of dissemination of blueberries in European lands

The event organized by Blueberries Consulting at Macfrut 2024 concludes its third day this Friday, May 10 and until now it has been an opportunity for European producers and entrepreneurs, and a great push for the new blueberry industry on its path to having a greater presence in the European market.

The Blueberry Arena at Macfrut 2024 began with great interest in the large facilities specially designed for the development of the fair, located on the outskirts of the city of Rimini, Italy.

Among the hundreds of stands and sections designed to exhibit all the agricultural and fruit products, together with the offer of new genetics for the different species and the presence of abundant cutting-edge technology for the different stages of production, the different activities scheduled for Blueberry Arena 2024, co-organized by Blueberries Consulting.

“Let it grow a little more…”

At the inauguration, the director of Blueberries Consulting, Jorge Esquivel Manterola, greeted those present by welcoming them, “especially the producers, who must face the multiple challenges imposed on us by the market, consumers, regulations, competitors and climate uncertainty”, ending his words with the wish that “the “The blueberry world grows a little more with this meeting.”

Three countries, three experiences

Then, the renowned Portuguese researcher and academic, Pedro Brás de Olivera, in his talk that addressed the “Current and projections of the Portuguese blueberry industry”, shared important data about a new one, which can emerge as a solid competitor in the European market, based on its geographical, climate and research regarding cultivation.

Roberto Samano, CEO of the Mexican company Berries Paradise, in addition to giving a detailed presentation of the state of the Mexican berry industry and its behavior in the market, gave a very inspiring review of the growth process of Berries Paradise and its business model based in respect and protection of producers.

Roberto Sámano – Director Berries Paradise


Continuing with the exhibitions, John Paul Bentin, production manager of the Peruvian company Family farms Perú, told about his company's successful experience with MBO varieties in the dunes of Pisco, south of Lima, where he has installed a 600-hectare project with the different variants of Eureka .

Juan Pablo Bentín – Agr. Engineer. MBA. Production Manager Family Farms Peru

Advance in the European market

Hans Liekens, manager of Sekoya, was in charge of carrying out an analysis of the conditions of the European market and the importance of genetics to achieve a greater commercial presence.

The day closed with a conversation panel regarding “Competitiveness strategies in the berry industry”, in which the four speakers participated and was moderated by Jorge Esquivel.

The rapporteurs' conversation revolved around several topics, in addition to the one summoned, covering the differentiating factors of each industry, the past and future challenges, the future objectives of each country, the entry of new countries and the increase in competition and choice of competitive factors, to which Juan Pablo Bentín closed, stating that “there is no greater competitive factor than good genetics.”

Hans Liekens – Value Chain & Retail Manager Sekoya Blueberries

Importance of technology

The Blueberry Arena continues on a second day with important speakers, such as Nour Adbrabbo, Bruno Mezzetti, María del Carmen Salas and Douglas Rodríguez, who will address the importance and variety of the technological offer, the good use of substrates, the cultivation and market of the strawberry, among others, to also end with a conversation panel on “The importance of technology and management in modern blueberry production”, from which other concerns of the attendees will surely arise.

The event co-organized by Blueberries Consulting at Macfrut 2024 concludes on Friday the 10th and so far it has been an opportunity for European producers and entrepreneurs and a great boost for the blueberry industry on its path to having a greater presence in the European market.

Bruno Mezzetti – Prof presso Università Politecnica delle Marche

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