There are more and more innovations in advanced packaging

As the world leans towards sustainable practices and environmental preservation, advanced packaging options have been thrust into the spotlight in recent years. Advanced packaging mechanisms play a vital role in reducing food waste and maintaining quality during storage.

One of the great challenges facing the food industry is the development of sustainable advanced packaging systems that, at the same time, minimize the environmental impact. Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to edible packaging.

Edible packaging materials are made up of compounds that are safe for human consumption and do not present health risks. With slight adjustments to the material composition and structure, researchers can transform these materials into various types of advanced films, coatings and packaging.

Edible food packaging mainly comes in two different forms: films and coatings. Edible films are manufactured as solid sheets and used as food wrappers, which can be consumed or removed when eating. In contrast, advanced packaging manufactured in the form of coatings are applied to foods in a liquid state using methods such as coating, spraying or dipping. Once dried, they create an edible coating on the food, which can also be consumed or removed.

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