Large containers for blueberries are becoming more frequent

Although large containers for blueberries, up to one kilogram, have long been common in the United States, the offer in Europe consists mainly of small packages. However, there seems to be movement in the market, say Pascal Simian and Paul Tyrer, of the British packaging station Ackio.


The packing station, in Evesham, north west of Oxford, specializes in the sorting and packaging of cranberries, cranberries, cherry tomatoes and cherries. Ackio works for different contractors. "Products arrive in bulk", indicates Paul. “We classify and package the blueberries in the desired containers. This is how we save on costs”.

Since the company packs for a wide variety of customers, they are very aware of the British market trends. "We are observing that the blueberry container is increasing in size lately"explains Paul. "These berries tend more and more to be packaged in one-kilo containers". The resealable packaging is also in clear boom; “offers added value”.


"We have updated our grading lines," continues Paul, who does not rule out that berry grading will be based on flavor in the future. “Customers are also dividing products based on flavor more and more often, so it stands to reason that the market would do the same”.
In addition to grading and packaging the products, Ackio also helps producers gain access to certain markets. Paul talks about a “Service Ecosystem” with which the company operates. This includes the independent but complementary business partners Wellpack, an importer of fresh fruit and vegetables from around the world, and Elision, a packaging specialist. Pascal stresses the importance of cost transparency. “We see enormous pressure on prices, so costs must remain as low as possible.“he points out. "We process large volumes, that is the advantage of our packaging station".
The Berry Alliance, a new non-profit supply chain model, has recently been incorporated into the ecosystem, offering producers worldwide management, packaging and logistics services in the UK to provide directly to retailers.
"If a producer supplies directly to a supermarket, the packaging and classification costs are usually not clear, and we have provided transparency", continues Pascal. "This transparency is important to increase trust with producers". Customers of the packaging station can choose which services they want to use and which ones do not, and an amount is calculated per service.

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