Blueberry size and firmness: experts will discuss strategies to produce attractive blueberries for the market

In the next XIX International Seminar on Blueberries Peru 2022, researchers and specialists in plant nutrition will present on strategies and management to obtain quality fruits and good post-harvest behavior.

The demands of the market increase every year, in search of a fruit that is attractive to its final consumers. The distributors check the shipments to ensure that they have the quality and condition that the final consumers demand to buy the fruit. Among these qualities stands out the firmness, observable for the buyer, and that in case of losing, affects your purchase as it is associated with mechanical damage or dehydration of the fruit, attributes avoided by consumers.

However, the lack of objective and representative parameters to measure firmness causes distributors to discard batches of the berry for no common reason, forcing the grower to try to grow the fruit as firmly as possible to ensure that they pass as many tests as possible. But even when they do their best, the academy's progress on this point has also been hampered by a lack of consensus on its measurement.

In the increasingly competitive blueberry industry; To highlight their product, captivate the markets and obtain a good return, the producers of the Peruvian berry have concentrated on maintaining this characteristic in their fruits. The concern about firmness becomes even more relevant when considering that the blueberry must leave the country with the highest quality, and remain that way after a 30 to 50-day journey to the final consumer.

That is why international plant nutrition specialists will discuss different strategies to achieve good quality fruit, firm and with good post-harvest behavior, all this, considering local experiences and a nutritional characterization of the producing areas of Peru that will be in charge of the AGQ company, experts in nutritional monitoring.

On this occasion, the round table conversation will be addressed by the specialists Dr. Jorge Retamales, Dr. Prometeo Sánchez, Dr. Gerardo Núñez and Dr. Iván Frutos, each one from their experience, research and knowledge.

Check the program to learn more about the talks of each speaker.

Attend this activity by registering at XIX International Blueberry Seminar Peru 2022, to be held next March 09 and 10 at The Westin Hotel & Convention Center Lima, in one of the first face-to-face events specialized in blueberries where you can interact with the most relevant actors in the industry.

Catalina Pérez R. - Blueberries Consulting

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