Camposol bets on rising consumption of avocados and blueberries in Asian markets

Camposol, a company known for its avocado and berry crops, expects to close this year with an increase of approximately 30% in blueberry volume compared to 27.800 tons in 2018, in line with its forecasts for this season.

Peru has had a remarkable growth, both in volume and in the value of sales of its blueberries, so it would not be a surprise if it equaled Chile this or next year, ProArandanos has commented. 

The foregoing is in line with Peru's goals for becoming the largest exporter of blueberries in the world, something the entire industry is working on.

As for the avocado season, its other star crop, Camposol said that the harvest in Peru ended recently and after two years of high yield had lower volumes due to a period of alternation.

Despite this, he said they plan to increase their offer by 2020.

“Annual figures indicate a growing demand for fruit. However, some bottlenecks can be given at specific times when the harvests of countries such as Peru, South Africa and even Mexico are concentrated too much, as happened in 2018, ”Jorge Ramírez, CEO of Camposol told Portal Fruit. com.

"If we look at longer horizons, we can see that, after a price correction upwards by external factors, when returning to normal, the price is adjusted, but above the levels it had before the anomaly", explained.

He added that "prices have been higher than those of 2018 at some times of the year, mainly due to the lower volume in Peru and Mexico." 

Increase in consumption

He commented that the most important increases have occurred in the Peruvian export window to the United States due to a decrease in volumes in Michoacán, Mexico.

“The demand for avocado Hass has been growing, year after year, above 4% or 5%. More mature markets such as those in the United States and Europe consume 3.1 kg and 1.8 kg per year per capita, respectively, ”he said.

“China, which recently almost doubled its imports, is barely 0.3 kg per capita, thus there is enormous potential to take advantage of and boost over the next ten years. We see an excellent horizon for this super fruit that meets the growing needs of world markets that demand fresh and healthy food, ”he said.

From Camposol they pointed out that the consumption of avocado (avocado) will continue to grow in the coming years since the global trend is to consume fresh, healthy and great-tasting foods.


As regards its growth strategy, it is based on consolidating its international expansion.

To that end Camposol plans to strengthen its new agricultural operations and strengthen the commercial offices that are operating in the US, the Netherlands and China.

"This approach is in line with our goal of becoming a provider that can provide an interesting, innovative and attractive offer 365 days a year."   

Regarding Colombia, they indicated that they have already planted 1.300 hectares of avocado and expect to have a production similar to that of Peru, of 40.000 hectares per year by 2025.

One of the advantages of Colombia is that it will allow them to be an avocado supplier all year long, since they will be able to complement Peru's offer.

Meanwhile, in Uruguay they have already acquired 1.500 hectares for citrus production, of which there are 400 hectares in production, which will allow them to be suppliers of the entire window of the southern hemisphere.

In that line, Ramírez said that being a fully integrated company allows them to offer full traceability of their products; from the countryside to families around the world.


Regarding how they are facing the challenges in the area of ​​production, Camposol said that "the main challenges we face are related to the climate and the need for recruitment of skilled labor for our agricultural operations."

“Unlike countries like Mexico and Chile, the water supply for our crops in Peru comes from irrigation projects that move it from the Andes to the coastal strip, so the absence of rains does not represent a risk to crops "

In that line, technology plays a key role. They commented that “in pre-harvest we are evaluating the use of micro-tunnels to control radiation and humidity in critical areas. In postharvest, we have the air-conditioned handling throughout the chain: containers and containers with controlled atmosphere, new packaging, etc. ”.

Camposol Cares from Farm to Family

Today Camposol said that it has a strategy that allows the reduction of its impact on agroecosystems, using natural resources responsibly, promoting efficiency and continuous improvement of its processes, thus promoting the reuse of resources.

With that in mind, in 2018, the company became the first Peruvian agribusiness company to integrate the group of certified companies, saving more than 3,347 thousand cubic meters of water, 122 thousand cubic meters of reused water and 110 thousand cubic meters of treated water.

Since 2014, with the help of SuizAgua, Camposol measures its water footprint for blueberry, avocado and tangerine crops, as well as in the industrial processes of blueberry, fresh avocado and frozen mango.

“Therefore, and aware of our environmental commitments, we join the Blue Certificate program carried out by the National Water Authority (ANA), which brings together companies that, in addition to measuring their impacts, also execute projects to reduce their water footprint and generate shared value through work within the community ”.

“We know that today consumers, and young people in particular, are aware of their health and seek, not only taste and good appearance in their food, but demand transparency in the way products are obtained and grown and in the values ​​that they govern the management of the company, ”said Ramírez.

“They are motivated to buy food that is produced in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. For them, the ethics followed by the company from which they buy it is increasingly important, ”he emphasized.

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