Canada: British Columbia blueberry growers, concerned that early flowering spoils the harvest

Cranberry growers are concerned that the warmer temperatures of Lower Mainland may put crops at risk.

"They can change many things from now until the harvestsays Jason Smith, president of the BC Blueberry Council.

According to Smith, some of the plants are in a flowering phase that would not normally reach until mid-March, and if temperatures fall below zero, coupled with strong winds, some of those flowers could dry out.

"Mother Nature controls everything in agriculture, and at this point it seems early, but it could be delayed".

Last year, the blueberry producers predicted an early harvest, but the cold and rain of May and June made it possible for the berries to be ready to harvest on time.

Smith indicates that the BC Blueberry Council works with other farmers to grow berries more suited to the climate of British Columbia.

"It could be increasingly important as Mother Nature changessays Smith.



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