News Seminar Chile 2023

Agronomy students attended the International Seminar on Blueberries and Cherries
Students valued the activity as a contribution to their training. With great interest and enthusiasm, fifth-year students of the Agronomy Career of the Austral University of Chile [...]
“We do not depend on China, we depend on us, that we do things well…”
Former Minister of Agriculture and recently elected president of the National Agricultural Society (SNA), Antonio Walker, actively participated in the XXV International Seminar on Blueberries & Cherries, held [...]
Blueberries and cherries: What is the difference from the appointment of April 13?
The appointment of April 13, in the context of the XXV International Seminar on Blueberries & Cherries, is not only an activity that cannot be missed, but is also irreplaceable in the agenda of activities of the Chilean fruit industry, especially that of the blueberry and now, as a guest crop, cherry.
South African growers regroup after last year's blueberry crisis
With just a few months to go until the start of the new blueberry crop, South African farmers are regrouping and looking at new strategies. Rainbow Superfood's managing director, Tiaan [...]
The latest in the cherry industry will be discussed at the meeting on April 13
It will be a great opportunity for producers and participants in the cherry industry to face new issues related to the growth of the industry, the behavior of new varieties, opportunities in new markets and the most appropriate management to be more productive and obtain higher quality fruit.
In blueberries, Chile is committed to quality
Quality, varieties, postharvest and profitability will be some of the high points of the next meeting of the blueberry industry in Chile, which will take place on April 13 at the Monticello Conference Center.
Juan Pablo Zoffoli, Bruno Defilippi, Jessica Rodríguez and Víctor Hugo Escalona, ​​will be present at the blueberry and cherry event that will take place on April 13
The selection, packaging, land and sea transportation, travel conditions of the fruit and distribution of the product to the final consumer, will be addressed along with various other technical issues related to the cultivation and international marketing of blueberries and cherries on April 13.