Lima 2024 Seminar News

Busy Technical Tour visited MBO blueberries in the dunes of Paracas
"How can it be that these people have adapted the crop to that climate" As a preamble to the meeting of the international blueberry industry, which was held in Lima this [...]
With great attendance support, the meeting of the international blueberry industry is held in Lima
“As part of our vision to continue opening opportunities, we will take the World Blueberry Tour to China, organizing the first International Blueberry Seminar in the Asian giant”
This March 20 and 21, the international blueberry industry meets in Lima
The Peruvian industry will regain international prominence in the short term, not only recovering and exceeding past volumes, but also positioning itself as a supplier of the highest quality fruit in the markets.
With a very intense Program from beginning to end, the Lima Seminar will be this March 20 and 21
Many elements will emerge that will give rise to different opinions, especially in the case of evaluating the complex Peruvian season and the repercussions of the climate crisis that it had to face.
“The Peruvian industry is in a process of changing its profile”
In the Peruvian industry, the current season has meant a halt in growth as crops have been affected by the effects of high temperatures on the plants, an impact associated with the [...]