Morocco Seminar News 2024

The International Berry Seminar in Tangier will boost a growing industry
The cultivation of blueberries in Morocco had a late start and a timid entry into the export of this fruit, but thanks to genetic development and the new varieties available, [...]
The Blueberries Consulting Seminar permanently stays in Morocco
The objective of the Moroccan industry is to exceed 100 thousand tons in 2030, which demonstrates not only its consolidation, but also the will to become a protagonist in the international market.
Resilience in the midst of adversity: the rise of Moroccan berry exports in 2023
In 2023, Morocco demonstrated a solid increase in revenue from its fresh berry exports, overcoming adverse weather conditions and a drop in fruit volumes.
The deficit of frozen raspberries on the European market continues to grow: good news for Ukraine and Morocco!
According to EastFruit analysts, the shortage of frozen raspberries continues to grow in Europe. Currently, buyers from France, Germany, Poland and other EU countries are actively looking for suppliers of these products [...]
The Moroccan blueberry season advances at two speeds
On the one hand, production in Agadir, in the center of the country, is in line with forecasts, with stable harvests since December 2023. On the other hand, the region [...]
The Moroccan blueberry industry: emergence towards global dominance
Morocco's blueberry industry has steadily risen to international prominence, marking a journey of strategic cultivation and sustainable growth. Since the beginning of the blueberry plantations [...]