News Seminar Mexico 2017

International Seminars: The Latin American blueberry industry gathers massively ...
The International Seminars that began on June 8 at the Hyatt Regency Andares Hotel in Guadalajara, Mexico, are being developed with great success, attended by more than [...]
Massive attendance at International Seminar in Guadalajara
Around 320 people attended the 6th International Seminar "Blueberry Industry in Mexico: New Challenges, New Opportunities", which was held on June 8 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel [...]
In Mexico, protected crops grow
Year 2000 = 700 ha / year 2016 = 50.000 ha In a panorama of sustained growth of the world population, which demands to produce a greater quantity of food, and [...]
2017 International Seminars
This invitation begins in Guadalajara and ends in Europe… The globalization of markets also implies having global knowledge, both in know-how, research, use of new technologies or innovations [...]
Mexico, let's go with you…!
We must discuss the role of the United States in the new international commercial scenario and the opening of new markets for Mexican producers, and prepare access to these [...]
Álvaro Sánchez, president of the National Association of Producers of Berries: "Our customers in the US have given us the confidence to be calm"
The world is expectant about the new US policy regarding access to its markets and Mexico has been syndicated by the Trump administration as its first victim. [...]