News Seminar Mexico 2024

Despite a complex year, a meeting of the berry industry takes place with great optimism in Guadalajara
“We have to continue consolidating the sector as a global benchmark for best practices in sustainability”
Financing for berry projects will be a relevant topic at the Guadalajara Seminar this June 5 and 6
The different alternatives of financial support for Mexican agricultural producers and entrepreneurs will be shown, and above all, the good use of resources and the best strategies to achieve it. A new topic that is addressed in these meetings, but fundamental for the sustainability of the industry and the protection of producers.
“The blueberry is the only berry that participates in a truly global market”
“Without discarding the opportunities that the markets of Europe, Asia and the Middle East offer for Mexican blueberries, we must recognize the advantage that geography gives us with respect to the North American market”
“Berries in Mexico walk alone”
“Food production activities have the consequences of climate change as their main challenge”
Important leaders of the berry industry will be in Guadalajara this June 5 and 6
It will be the opportunity to learn about the achievements that the industry has achieved in the world, the projections that are expected in its consumption and production, and the opportunities that are opening up for Mexican producers in the global context of the berry market.
The berry industry in Mexico continues to grow despite the challenges
This season, the berry industry is expected to grow less than the expected 15%, although its growth would remain in double digits.
In Guadalajara we will address new opportunities for the berry industry
We will be able to know the latest updated data on the industry in its different factors, both productive yields or volumes, as well as profitability and commercialization of the fruit, addressing in detail the impact of new genetics on these variables.
SADER: “Our main challenge is the consequences of climate change”
The Guadalajara Seminar on June 5 and 6 will be the opportunity to address the main challenges that have arisen in the berry industry, both on the farm and in the markets.
“Blueberries in Mexico are going through a moment of transition”
“The berry industry in Mexico continues to grow, perhaps less explosive, but definitely more orderly and focused on new genetics that ensure better return prices to producers.”