Florida blueberry growers cautiously optimistic
Rising blueberry imports may have taken some of the market share away from Florida growers, but it has not taken away the optimistic outlook from [...]
Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach reach an incredible 70 container ships waiting for a docking site
Meanwhile, Vietnam keeps its ports closed and Covid-19 threatens to put the port of Xiamen in check
Peruvian citrus and blueberries can now be exported to India
India's approval is a great opportunity for Peruvian citrus and blueberries, as it is an important market for the commercialization of fruits from all over the world, Promperú pointed out.
Global blueberry overview
Although there is still production in the UK and several areas of the US, blueberry seasons in both Europe and North America are reaching [...]
Licensing of device to measure firmness of blueberries awarded
The Science with Impact Prize awarded each year by the University of Concepción, distinguished the academic from the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering (FIAUdeC), Dr. Christian Correa Farías, for the licensing [...]
The Andalusian blueberry makes a niche in the international market
Blueberry exports have increased by 17% in volume and 22% in value from February to June
The general manager of Terra Business SAC, Federico Beltrán Molina, pointed out: In three years Peru will have 20 thousand hectares of blueberries and will consolidate its world leadership in the export of this fresh fruit
65% of the 15.000 hectares of blueberries that currently exist in Peru have been planted with protected varieties, which represents a competitive advantage for our country. Modern genetics is one of the main technological tools to obtain differentiation in the markets, which is why we currently have 50 varieties of blueberries installed, from 12 genetic programs and 7 clubs.
Peru will start exporting blueberries to Malaysia from this year
This after Senasa managed to finalize an agreement, the export of which will begin this year. In this way, our country is consolidated as the first exporting country of blueberries worldwide.
U.S. agricultural exporters increase pressure on White House amid ocean freight surcharges
They claim that shipping lines are imposing irrational costs on them and taking away opportunities in foreign trade
Copefrut develops materials recyclability index
The new tool quantifies the recyclability of packaging to allow more strategic decision making