CE: Not all genetically modified crops should be treated the same
A specific approach to gene editing needs to be ensured because not all genomic techniques confer the sustainability benefits promised in the new European Commission study.
Rethinking agri-food systems to empower the agricultural sector
The coronavirus pandemic affected the goals of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and therefore food systems must be rethought and adapted to this new economic and social stage.
Health, taste and the environment: some of the reasons why organic products are sought
Consumer trends to prefer products with a lower carbon footprint have been gaining strength in the market. Today users tend to opt for brands that are environmentally conscious and do good for people's health.
Shipping companies would be preparing large rate increases and customers are fighting for space
Shipping companies are said to be preparing large rate hikes in the short term as roll over becomes the norm, with rates rising mainly in Northern European and Mediterranean ports.
Food sector detects more demand for healthy and sustainable products
The food sector detects the existence of a "growing demand" for healthy and sustainable products, which forces both manufacturers and supermarket chains to adapt their strategies.
Agronometrics: blueberry prices fall in the US market
After a recent streak of high prices in the US market, the price of blueberries fell sharply last week. In this "Agronometrics In Charts", we will take a tour of the prices and volumes of blueberries in the North American market, and we will discuss the possible causes that gave rise to this fall.
AI: Digital passport for certified blockchain productions
Thanks to a new system, companies will be able to track their entire production process to increase safety and awareness.
Agriculture 4.0: smart agricultural solutions
The fourth revolution characterized by the application of artificial intelligence, a fundamental pillar in today's precision agriculture.
American Heart Association Research Reaffirms 5 Daily Servings of Fruits and Vegetables May Extend Life
Higher consumption of fruits and vegetables is associated with a lower risk of death in men and women, according to data representing nearly 2 million adults. Five daily servings of fruits and vegetables, eaten as 2 servings of fruits and 3 servings of vegetables, may be the optimal amount and combination for a longer life.
"Blueberries have been lacking in Huelva for practically 80% of the season"
The blueberry campaign continues in Huelva, showing good expectations as it progresses, and registering good results that are expected to continue during this month and even next.