Cooperatives will select more than 680 new Moroccan seasonal workers for the Huelva red fruit campaign
Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de Huelva will hire more than 680 new women from Morocco to attend the 2022-2023 strawberry and red fruit campaign. It will do so through the Collective Hiring Management in [...]
Everything ready for the departure of the first "Blueberry Express" from the Port of Coronel to the United States
Along with the end of the truckers strike, after 8 days of affecting the normal export of fresh seasonal fruits, such as blueberries. Another good news for the [...]
Samuel Escalante: "There is a powerful space for the early production of cherries in Chile"
The director of Viveros El Tambo spoke with Blueberries Consulting about the future of cherries, the most valuable fruit crop produced in Chile.
Produce blueberries in a pot or in a bag?
The complications of water resources and soil limitations, together with the growing demand for healthy foods, forces us as producers to adopt the best technologies to produce more "superfoods" [...]
Blueberries: New technology enables real-time monitoring to determine the quality of the coveted Chilean fruit
The cultivation of blueberries is in fashion and is required by countless consumers around the world. This has prompted the incorporation of technology in the fields, such as spectrometry optics, to permanently measure the state of this fruit in situ to find out the optimum harvest time. And although the truckers' strike threatened logistics processes just at the start of the new season, this industry is resilient and will continue to improve all its processes.
Low Peruvian prices and volumes complicate South African blueberry season
Rainbow Superfood's blueberry farms in Rawsonville and Lambertsbaai in the Western Cape are starting the harvest at a time when prices are improving slightly, after [...]
"There are efforts from all the actors and a common view of the country to improve logistics this season"
"We cannot only think about resolving the contingency, we need a long-term view to address the gaps in port and transportation infrastructure, and not lose competitiveness with respect to our main competitors in global markets."
South African blueberry industry recovers after port strikes
The true picture of the impact of the port strikes on the South African blueberry business will only be known at the end of the year.
Mincetur: trade between Peru and Chile would add US$ 3.500 billion in 2022
Among the Peruvian products that are sold the most to Chile are some minerals and derivatives, fruits and palm oil.
Hortifrut increases its quarterly income by 19% thanks to the dynamism of its blueberry offer
A strong rise in the sale of fresh fruit gives dynamism to the firm, the world's largest blueberry marketer, which adds revenues of US$ 627 million in the first nine months of 2022. However, logistics costs and the recognition of expenses for varietal replacement generated a stagnation in profits.