Strengths and opportunities for a berry campaign with many uncertainties
The berry sector is once again immersed in a campaign with too many uncertainties: commercial, labor, consumer, health ... It already had to face them last year, putting its weaknesses and threats, but also its strengths, on the table. and opportunities.
The EU launches its new climate change adaptation strategy
The European Commission today adopted a new Strategy on adaptation to climate change that paves the way to prepare for its inevitable effects, because while the EU does everything in its power to mitigate it both nationally and internationally, it must also be ready to face it.
The gap between Chile and Peru in fruits
The growth of fruit exports allowed Peru to place itself in the Top 20 of fruit suppliers. Although Chile had a slower growth, it consolidated in the Top 10.
ADEX: Peruvian exports redouble their will for growth
"The national productive apparatus must be strengthened, not only with the objective of exporting more, but also to meet the needs of our nation and better face future crises"
USDA Experts Discuss Organics Growth, Challenges, and Priorities
Organic sales have increased by 31% and the number of organic farms has increased by 17% between 2008 and 2019, according to information provided by the Department of Agriculture of [...]
Australian Berry Volumes Grow Amid Labor Shortage Concerns
Despite the challenges following the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular the horticultural labor shortage, the berry industry body of [...]
China Blueberry Report 2020: Industry grows rapidly
On February 5, the Journal of Jilin Agricultural University published the 2020 China Blueberry Industry Annual Report online. Using statistics collected from China's blueberry production regions, the report summarized blueberry production areas by fresh blueberry production and price trends throughout 2020, as well as analyzing new development trends in China's blueberry industry.
Poland: Improving the supply of berries
The Polish Kusibab in vitro group continues to expand its product range and develop better varieties, according to Marcin Wyka and Tadeusz Kusibab.
Israel: Shlomi Fogel demands that imported blueberries treated with methyl bromide be labeled
According to Shlomi Fogel, the use of methyl bromide is banned in the country and blueberries grown in Israel are not treated with it.
Betina Ernst: “The blueberry never ceases to amaze. Each campaign brings new surprises "
"Peru will continue to be number one for fresh blueberries, only that the change in the numbers will force some adjustments and the strong expansion that was being experienced will probably slow down"