Freshuelva warns that producers will abandon their crops due to the Government's refusal to match the health guarantee to the rest of European berries
Freshuelva has warned today that many red fruit producers in the province of Huelva are considering abandoning their crops and stopping planting for the next campaign [...]
Drop in spot rates is considered a positive factor in the current inflationary context
In addition, the increase in interest rates in the US will reinforce the drop in consumption.
“The use of integrated biological control agents is applicable throughout the cultivation process”
In the search for alternatives for the integrated management of diseases, one of the most studied strategies in recent years has been the use of microbial antagonists in order to regulate the populations of phytopathogens in crops.
Mexico: They plan to export up to 12% more berries
The export of red fruits or berries, as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries are also known, continues to rise. And it is that the National Association [...]
Peru achieves commercial entry of blueberries to Israel, an important market with 9.2 million potential consumers
The entry of the 'Peruvian blue gold' into Israel represents a conquest for national agricultural exports. Work is also being done to bring the Peruvian blueberry to Japan.
“We will produce blueberries so early and with such good yields that imports from the southern hemisphere could drastically decrease”
Transportation increasingly complicates exports of perishable goods. What if Europe could depend on its own varieties throughout the year? In addition, the production of blueberries has grown with [...]
"This year there is a strong demand for French blueberries from the industry"
Although the supply of French blueberries was strongly affected last year due to unfavorable weather conditions, the current campaign is looking much better: "This year we have [...]
“There will be more than enough blueberries until the end of the year”
Today's blueberry market is characterized by its diversity and the many origins of the fruit. "The offer from Serbia and Romania is accelerating, while the [...]
“Segregation and control, control and more control…”
Peru currently has around 60 varieties of blueberries in full production, so the segregation of the fruit at harvest is an essential activity to offer a homogeneous product. Furthermore, if we think that these dozens of varieties are grown in different climates, we must conclude that the variables multiply in terms of results.
Driscoll's agrees to terms for Berry Gardens acquisition
Driscoll's has formally agreed to the terms to purchase Berry Gardens Limited, the sales, packaging and distribution arm of Berry Gardens Growers Limited. Driscoll's, the world leader in the market for [...]