News Seminar Spain 2018

Europe: blueberry producers launch technology platform
Blueberry Innovators has a cultivation area of ​​300 hectares and its shareholders are actively involved in the cultivation of blueberries, their production and marketing. The Netherlands is one of [...]
Horti China 2018: S&A Trial Progress on Blueberry Harvest at New Farm in China
How to grow quality blueberries during the off-season in a muggy subtropical climate, at the limit of the growth range of a berry whose wild cousins ​​thrive in the [...]
The Center for Research in Agrigenomics creates plants that are more resistant to extreme drought
In nature, when there is no water, plants stop growing. Scientists have taken advantage of this natural defense mechanism in recent decades to design resistant plant varieties [...]
Genetics, irrigation, nutrition, biostimulants and commercial challenges of cranberry: The central themes of the seminar in Spain
The event was consolidated as a safe and reliable alternative of first level technical updating, with speakers of international prestige from the United States, Chile, Germany, Belgium, Peru and [...]
Blueberries Consulting positioned the XIII edition of seminars in Madrid with presentations of high scientific level
The growth in the demand and consumption of blueberries in the world has made the training of those who are dedicated to the production of this fruit more relevant [...]
Hydroponics would be able to enhance the cultivation of blueberries, according to studies
Hydroponics is a growing method that has been under scientific research for years. Some sources claim that it is the best tool for harvesting food, while [...]
Use of growth regulators: How do they benefit the blueberry crop?
Achieving quality blueberries in good condition depends on various factors, including modulation of plant development and growth. These aspects will give quality to [...]
Foliar fertilization: Factors that influence the permanence, penetration and translocation of nutrients
Agriculture has used traditional methods for decades to respond to a growing demand for increasingly higher quality products that must also reach [...]
2018-2019 season breakthrough: South Africa showed the highest growth until 41 week
The 2018-2019 blueberry marketing season is advancing at full speed, and the main producers and some commercial firms already show some indices that shed light on how it has been [...]
Nutrition in the cultivation of cranberry and its influence on the quality of the fruit
The blueberry has become, over the last decade, one of the most coveted fruits in the world. And it is that data from organizations linked to [...]