News Seminar Mexico 2019

Mexico and China sign agreement to start exporting blueberries
Mexico will begin with the export of blueberries to China, according to agreements signed this past Wednesday between the agricultural authorities of both countries. The export of this fruit will begin with the [...]
Peruvian blueberry company opens operations in Mexico
The genetic developer, producer and exporter of blueberries Inka's Berries has just opened operations in Mexico, in partnership with a local businessman from the pharmaceutical sector, Carlos told Día1 [...]
Mexico ranks third largest producer of blueberries
Mexico City.- In Mexico, only the blueberry is grown, and in 2018 more than 40 thousand tons were obtained, with which the country was placed as the [...]
Mexico has 44.000 hectares of berry production
Juan José Flores, managing director of the Association of Producers and Exporters of Berries of Mexico (Aneberries), has had the opportunity to share with the producers of Huelva the experience [...]
"Commercially, this Seminar is being superior to the previous ones ..."
The testimonies of the attendees agree that the XVI International Blueberry Seminar, which is being held these days in Guadalajara, is proving superior to the previous ones, due to massive [...]
In the fields of Jalisco an interesting Tour is being developed
The Technical Tour in Jalisco is in full swing. A small evaluation, in the second of the five days of activities and the first day in the field, already makes it possible to ensure that [...]
Everyone will come to the Guadalajara Seminary ...!
Executives from companies from the United States, Spain, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, and Morocco have confirmed their presence in the massive international meeting, who join the [...]
Mexico: the blueberry is the berry that increases its value in sales abroad
Berries have become the fourth most exported agri-food product by Mexico, scoring more than USD 2.107 million in sales in 2018. However, blueberries have increased [...]
OZblu blueberries will be grown in the Northern Hemisphere
After the creation of a Joint Venture between Migiva Group and United Exports at the beginning of 2018, today the joint company expands upon entering the Northern Hemisphere of the [...]